Saturday, July 28, 2012

Foam Run.

Matt tried out the Foam Run and I went along as the athletic supporter.  Pictures from the day:

Some fun socks.
Amidst all the foam fun, a reminder that the average age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years old.  I wasn't a fan of the money grubbing tactics of the Spartan Race, but I would prefer their blatant grab for cash to incredibly lame "charity" tie-ins.
Checking out the starting gate.
Checking out the foam finish.
Checking out Matt's level of clean.
Doing some pull-ups before the race began.
Thanks to hard work and the presence of a pull-up bar in the house, Matt can really crank them out.
Waving from the start, surrounded by costumed ladies.
Matt checks out the competition.
And they are off.
So the thing about the Foam Run?  There are lines.  This is the line to slide down the foam slide at the end.
Matt climbs over the rope ladder.
Finished with all but the slide.
Ear check.
I enjoyed the sentiment of this shirt.
How many practice photos does it take to capture Matt mid-flight?

Apparently, more than 16.
Matt stops for a photo with the pimp.
Chatting with another "foam-er"
 Matt reports that the slides were fun, even though he crashed into someone at the bottom.  On the second slide he did exactly what they told him and wrenched his shoulder in the process.  Therefore, he will not be participating next year as he believes it to be unsafe.

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Sara K. said...

Who comes up with these odd races? And a race with lines seems like its not so race-y...

PS-The woogley letters seem to get more and more annoying. I know its a must, I just wish the computer peeps would stop trying to thwart the woogley letter industry so us regular peeps could enjoy commenting with less burden.