Thursday, July 5, 2012

Train Ride

Our trip involves train travel.  But to where?
Still in Portland.
Crossing the slough.
Mt Hood and the Columbia River.  (We must be heading north.)
Mt. Hood and the I-5 bridge.  After this, I put the camera away.  Then suddenly,
We're here!


Sara K. said...

I love riding the train! We have so many train options on the Eastern Seaboard, but it is so cost prohibitive that we have yet to travel by train. So sad. It looks like so much fun! I really like Centralia! Can't wait to see your celebration.

Patricia said...

Matt and I have had discussions about the fact that when you own a car train travel seems very expensive, but when you don't own a car it's not very expensive at all.

Sara K. said...

I can see that. Around here flying is cheaper than train excursions in a lot of cases. I was thinking more of that angle. Flying to NYC is often less than taking the train. Driving is pretty expensive to NYC with the tolls. That's, of course, why we take the bus.

I'm so excited though, we are taking the train to Montreal in a week!!! :) I'm so excited for the 10 hour train ride. I guess that says something about my love for trains!