Sunday, July 8, 2012

An early morning walk

While Matt slept in (his favorite thing to do on vacation) I took an early morning walk (my favorite thing.)

I was intrigued by this awning as it reflected different stages in a business.
First it was Hometown something.  Then it was a business that "traded" offering "exchanges on Clothing, DVDs and Books, etc.
But then the business plan seems to have shifted to only baby stuff.  It was chock full of clothing and toys.
On this Handicapped space near the post office, I was intrigued by the green sticker.
I have never seen a Survey Marker on a sign before.  But, if I was curious, I could write to the Secretary of Transporation in Olympia and find out what's up.
Outside of an antique shop I found a bench made by someone who was clearly inspired by the cedar fencing going on sale at the home improvement centers for $1.99.  I find myself inspired by cedar fencing too.  He (or she?) created this bench entirely from cedar fencing.  Pretty impressive, though it didn't strike me as very sturdy.

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Sara K. said...

I love being able to travel with someone who travels in a way similar to mine and is okay with different types of outings depending on what each of you wishes. So, a perfect start to both of your days!!