Sunday, July 22, 2012

OPS Fest's Romeo & Juliet

We revisit the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival, last seen at Cathedral Park.  This time, we saw The Tragedie of Romeo & Juliet performed at Post5 Theater, which is found in the courtyard of Milepost 5, which is a creative community in SE Portland.

The courtyard provided a great stage, and the players used the surrounding building.  Here, Michael Streeter as Capulet peers out the window before the show begins.
We had some preshow singing and playing.
Romeo was played by Joel Patrick Durham and Shawna Nordman played Benvolio.
Gary Strong stole the show as the Nurse, playing her with a steely southern charm.
Romeo during the balcony scene.
Noah Goldberg was the prompter, thrilled that he got to climb onto his post.
Kaia Hillier played Juliet, here leaning out of a Milepost 5 window for the famous balcony scene.
As before, the improv nature of the performance made for a great evening of theater. 

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Sara K. said...

I love these sassy versions of the plays! I feel like Mr. Shakespeare would love them!