Saturday, July 28, 2012

Garden Report Week Ending 7/28/12

11 minutes hoeing of potatoes, which look quite nice.  Then I needed to take a break to feed the cats.

16 minutes double digging the bed I didn't finish before.  It is still not finished.
~20 minutes of watering and putting away tools.  My notes indicate that I was grumpy probably because that first time double digging is the opposite of fun, or it may be that I was annoyed I didn't even get in an hour of work toward my four hours this week.  And herein lies the problem of the garden, or rather the gardener.

Total time put in the garden this week:  47/60 (or 47 minutes.)

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Sara K. said...

The potatoes do look great! This Idaho girls is glad that you are back to your roots (hee hee, I'm so punny) with that crop!