Friday, July 6, 2012


"What are you going to do in Centralia?" people asked when they found where we were vacationing.  I suggested that we might walk to the natural area that was near the hotel. And we did.

This was the nicest sign of a hiking area I've ever seen.  It was metal.
Up the hill.
Matt stops long enough for branches to grow out of his head.
Timer picture.
Aside from a nice metal sign, the trail markers were engraved.  I suspect that they were donated from the headstone engraving business in town.
Our view over the reservoir.
Timer photo.
Reservoir from equal height.
Downed tree.
It was a good hike.  Afterward, we went to see The Pirates! and Matt fell asleep.

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Sara K. said...

I especially like your timer photos. We rarely do those, but they always turn out very fun. The hike looks nice. I also like Matt's tree antlers!