Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Feature: Four Hours per week in the Garden.

Back in January, I planned out my garden for the year and I made these four goals:
1. Steady production of: lettuce, kale, collards & beets
2. Continue working on the 60/30/10 principles.  This means 60% of crops are grown for carbon to make compost, 30% are root crops and 10% of crops are everything else.
3. Make compost a priority
4. Work steadily and regularly in the garden.

These were all very good goals and I can tell you that as of July 19, I have achieved none of them.  I have not harvested a single head of lettuce, bunch of kale or collards or pulled any beets.  I have manged to plant zero carbon crops.  I did make some compost bins, but I have not harvested any compost and I have not worked steadily and regularly on the garden.

So I'm implementing a new program:  Four Hours Per Week in the Garden.  Why four hours?  Its two hours of work over two days or a bit more than a half hour of work per day.  Also I want to see if I can manage my garden in four hours per week.  Maybe I need to rethink things if it takes longer than that.

The rules:
As I head out to do the garden chores, I will bring along a timer and keep track of how long tasks take.  This will help me have a more realistic understanding of how much I can accomplish in a work session.

I will record and report back on this blog.

I'm allowed to exceed the time if I want, but I need to do my best to meet the time quota each week.

And I'm off on another adventure.

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Sara K. said...

As I am reading backwards in time I can say that you did well with your first garden timer adventure. I think this is a very good plan and I am impressed with your focus!