Monday, August 16, 2010

Denver International Airport.

Matt stayed in Colorado for a few more days, traveling with Thad and Jill's family to Grand Lake. I caught a ride to the airport with Larry, Linda & Pat.

I had time to kill at the airport, so after I wandered for awhile, I got some dessert and a glass of wine. Both were quite good.

I was seated at a table overlooking the tarmac. At one point, this van pulled up and about a dozen photographers and men carrying TV cameras piled into the van, which drove off.

Before I finished my wine and cheesecake, the van returned and all the media people wandered back into the airport. Yet another thing about which I will never know the story.
It was an uneventful trip home. Between the wait at the airport, the flight itself and the ride home on Max, I read a good portion of the book Dies the Fire.

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Sara K. said...

Nice way to finish off your trip. And it seems like you have a start to a nice short story with that photo!