Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jon plays the tiki bar.

Pat (that would be Matt's mom Linda's partner) has a son named Jon who lives in the area. He was the guy at the wedding who played the music. Aside from pushing "play" on a portable music device, Jon is also able to create music using a guitar and his voice. He was playing at a Tiki bar in Estes Park and so we got the treat of hearing him play.

An iffy self portrait in said Tiki Bar. The bar was right on the river, which was very nice on a summer evening.

We enjoyed sitting on the very substantial bar stools

Whenever Jon plays a gig and Pat is in town, Jon invites Pat up to tell a joke.
The tradition continued. People laughed.
More time had passed and my large lunch wore off. The tiki bar served fried pickles which I ordered and enjoyed. Matt declined, being a pickle hater. I also had a frothy drink for dessert.

Jon was a great musician and sang a lot of good songs.

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Sara K. said...

Very nice. I love fried pickles. Another thing that living below the Mason Dixon has granted me! :)