Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Romanian wedding. Right here in Portland.

While we were in Colorado for Thad's wedding, Matt got an email from a Lewis & Clark classmate, Cristina. She remembered that Matt had spent time in Romania, and was also a fun person and wondered if he would like to come to her wedding. He said yes, so we went to be fun guests.

We only attended the reception and arrived early, so we waited in the car where I took pictures of the church and church hall.

The church had super fun domes.

We found our table and our place settings.

The menu promised a cold appetizer, a hot appetizer, three different main courses and dessert. All were "generously prepared by Chef Rom"
The menu was also printed in Romanian.

Once we sat down, our cold appetizer was delivered immediately. I was a fan of this because I'm always starving at the beginning of wedding receptions and there usually is a very long wait for food. I was also a fan of this because this was a very good cold appetizer plate. We each got one.

Cristina and her husband have their first dance.

This is the only time there would only be one couple on the dance floor. Also that bartender in the background? He was mentioned by name on the menu. He would make you whatever drink you fancied, or one of his specialties. I rarely go to weddings with open bar, so this was a treat. There were also carafes of wine on all the tables which were kept full.

Two hours passed (now I understand why the cold appetizer plate was so substantial) and the hot appetizer arrived. The deep fried ham and cheese rolls were good, and the baked sausage was fabulous.

How did we pass the two hours between courses? None of the people at our table showed (too bad for them) so there was no one to talk to. We did what all the other Romanians did: we danced. Romanians can dance! The men, especially, were fun to watch. We would dance a few songs, rest a bit and head out to dance some more.

Another two hours passed and most of the main course arrived. Unlike most weddings I've been to, where you choose your main course, we were served both the prime rib with with roasted potatoes and the Greek salad as well as the marinated chicken breast and the creamy risotto. All were delicious.

We ate more of that and then we dance some more. Cristina wrote Matt the next day that "Romanians were asking as they were leaving late in the evening about "dah two Ah-meh-ree-kinz" who were dancing all night long!!" That would be us.
I really, really wanted to try the cabbage rolls, the last of the main courses, but it was 11:30 and we were pooped. So we missed out on them and the wedding cake, although we were served mini french cakes and assorted fresh fruit throughout the evening, so we weren't lacking in the sweets department.

I was happy to experience this amazing reception. Next time I will hold out for the cabbage rolls.

Thus ends our summer of weddings, with a grand total of four!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Now that is what I call a feast. I have never been to a Romanian wedding even though my cousins grew up is Romania. Just not your standard fare. It looks like it was really fun. MOM

Sara K. said...

Holy cow! Good thing that email came. Looks like a fantastic and TASTY evening! No cake? Thanks for reporting or I would have nagged. You know your readers well!!!