Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wedding prep

Time to get ready for the wedding.  Matt and his height assist with the raising of a tent.  I attempted to assist, but was hindered by my lack of height, so took pictures instead.
Cindy's dad Bill, (he's on the left) also supervised.
This was a sleek operation that had exactly what they needed, including a broom to help unfold the tarp.
That thing that Matt is standing on is the incredible portable grill that is mounted on a trailer.  I didn't get a good picture of it, which was too bad, because that was a thing of beauty.
Bill and Cindy's grandmother watch from the porch.
Tables in the yard are ready for the wedding feast.
A view of the yard, including the cute little camper that the brides stayed in after the wedding.
Cindy and her mom, Mary, cooking.
Grandma reading her Kindle.


Sara K. said...

I love how everyone gathered together to "build" the wedding. It is such a beautiful way to support the couple. :)

Sara K. said...

Somehow it feels like the support system is building the couple up to their marriage. I really like the symbolism of that.

balyien said...

I second Sarah's comments. Awesome. Also, I wouldn't even know that you needed a broom to help unfold a big tent.

Lastly, love the pic of grandma reading her kindle.