Saturday, August 10, 2013

More wedding prep

This blurry picture is the only one I have of  the super fab wedding cupcake holders.
Bride Casey, on the left, chopped for hours at that table. Bride Cindy (in the middle) ran hither and yon to get things done.  Cindy's sister Karen is peeking over her shoulder.  The entire family did a tremendous amount of work for the wedding.  It was a very impressive operation and resulted in an awesome wedding.
Did I mention the cabin is super fancy now?  Witness the front porch steps that have a hydraulic lift to raise and lower them so people can have access to the storage area under the house.
Oh dear.  Rain.  Perhaps it will pass quickly.
Matt and I wait out the rain on the porch.
Windsock in the rain.
Porch detail.
Double picture taking.
The alter/dance floor remains covered.
Some exploratory digging.


Sara K. said...

VERY COOL cupcake plates! I love that the cabin has been tricked out. I am not surprised as Bill seems like a great customizer (as evidenced by the awesome personalization of the Jalapeno wagon!). Too bad about the rain...

balyien said...

I absolutely love that this whole entire wedding was a family affair. It's actually bringing a little tear to my eye. So sweet!

That storage/stair combo is pretty rad!