Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thunderstone Advance

We've reached the T's in our quest to play all of our board games from Z to A.  I'm not thrilled with this section of the T's, because it contains Thunderstone Advance and Thunderstone.  Both are deck building games and I don't love deck building games.
At around hour 2.5 I started to wonder just how long this game would last.  Checking the box:

I protested loudly.  "45 minutes! No way!"  I think there should be truth in labeling.
(Also, Matt won by two points.)


balyien said...

Deck building? You mean like Magic: The Gathering? I like Magic, so I might like this game. I've played some games - Arkham Horror, Descent - that take like half a day. It drives me up the wall. I don't know how people do that on a regular basis.

Patricia said...

A a matter of fact, while this game was going on and on, I asked Matt, "how did deck building games get started?" He said he didn't know, but guessed Magic had something to do with it. This ended up being about 3 hours total. I was slow to start, but not that slow.

Sara K. said...

Yowse! 2.5 hours for a game you don't like. You are a good girlfriend!!! And I also appreciate your dedication to playing ALL of your games, even the ones you don't like.