Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trek in the Park

It's the fifth year of Trek in the Park.  That is where a theater company of sorts, Atomic Arts, recreates a full episode from the original Star Trek series.  They play it straight and have gained a huge following over the years.  Atomic Arts has decided this will be the final year of Trek in the Park and so Matt and I attended the final performance of "The Trouble with Tribbles."

We were not alone, as evidenced by the many people just in this picture alone.  The white triangle in the center of the picture below is the stage.
The people watching was good.  Nerd-tastic.
And more people.
By peering through this opening, I could see the stage.
Another view of the crowd.  Did I mention it was a cold and rainy day?  It didn't keep very many people away.
Here's the opening.  I love the musician's outfits.
Spock and Kirk are easily identifiable.
Recreating the theme song.
It was a stage with props, but they were minimal.
One of the fans.
The tribbles have started to proliferate.
And they engulf Captain Kirk.
Final scene.
A teary thank you from Atomic Arts.
This being the final show, they sold the tribbles for $1.00 each.  This was the line for tribbles.  We did not wait in it.

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Sara K. said...

How fun!!! I like that they went out with a bang with the tribble episode. I love nerd-tastic people watching.