Friday, August 9, 2013

On the way to Sumpter and Sumpter Deer

It turns out that on a joint vacation, it works well if I drive and Matt reads from the read aloud books.
"Sumpter?  That town with the deer?"  Yep.  Sumpter, much like Wallowa Lake campground, has a lot of deer that hang about.  So many that two came over to hang out by our tent.

Picture from across the street.
And from a closer angle.
And even closer.
And closer.
And yet closer
Sweetheart!  Don't get too close!


balyien said...

Awww, cute deer! I'm glad they didn't get spooked and gore Matt, though.

Sara K. said...

They seem practically tamed. Also, help me, is Sumter known for deer?

Patricia said...

I had forgotten until we got there, but once Matt had the deer encounter I remembered how when Cindy and I stayed in 1993 the deer were all around everywhere.

In the case of these particular deer, someone told me the people who own the house (who were away for the weekend and offered up their yard for tents) feed the deer. So those deer were probably coming by for their regular snack and very confused.