Monday, August 5, 2013

Making two triangles a rectangle.

All summer I've searched for a good way to water both halves of the back yard.  Over in Leo's realm, I have a good sprinkler set up.  On the side yard I have soaker hoses.  But the two backyards' odd triangle shapes flummoxed me.  None of my sprinklers worked in triangle form which meant I had to move them around.  This meant that I didn't really ever water.

But hark!  It occurred to me that I could take the fence dividing the two yards out of the equation and regain the rectangle.  And lo, I purchased a sprinkler and some bungee cords and so it came to pass.
Watering perfection.


Sara K. said...

How very exciting. I like your creative problem solving. :)

Sara K. said...

Commenting POWER!!! Loved reading all of your posts.