Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Room in progress.

The first of many shelves going up on the wall.
First bank of shelves completed.  Sentinel is observing from the window.
Getting ready to "build" the sideboard.
When I assemble Ikea furniture, I like to unpack everything and take inventory.
Right down to all the hardware.  I've never not had all of the hardware, but I like to know at the outset that everything needed is present.
Sadly, despite all my prep, I erred making this one.  I pounded in the wrong side dowel connector and then had to do a combined hacksaw/drill solution to reopen that hole.
But I was successful!  Sideboard complete!  I hear some of you wondering why Matt needs a sideboard in his room.  Just you wait!
Bookshelves!  Two of those were built too.  In this picture, Matt is working on removing his desk from the room.

More to come.  Stay tuned.


balyien said...

I'm more wondering why you're putting everything together, not him. Lol. I enjoy how methodical you are in dealing with your IKEA furniture. It's so very you.

Sara K. said...

Nice. I can't wait to see the transformation.

Patricia said...

Excellent question, Jan. The setup for the room was my idea. Though Linda discovered the sideboard that made the standing desk possible. Anyway, Linda bought all the stuff for Matt's birthday present and my part of the present was to help him set everything up.