Saturday, August 10, 2013

Olive Lake

Matt and I took a day trip to Olive Lake.  To get there, we drove to Granite (Oregon's fourth-smallest incorporated city) and took a left, then traveled on a dirt road for awhile.
The lake.
I had visions of swimming, but it's called an alpine lake for a reason.  Matt swam around the copse of trees pictured above, but I got in and got right back out.  My Mediterranean blood is not made for cold lakes.
Self portrait.
On the way back we stopped to look at the remains of this mine.
Here is the hole.
Here you can see where they dug part of the hillside away.
And here's all the detritus from the mining.
Uh-oh.  Those clouds look a bit ominous...


Sara K. said...

What a lovely lake. I also appreciate your use of the word copse!

balyien said...

Wow, I lived in Oregon for 10 years and I have no idea where this lake or the town of Granite are. It looks absolutely lovely! And you guys are super cute in your selfie.