Saturday, August 10, 2013

Breakfast in Sumpter.

Matt and I wandered back to the main drag to get breakfast and wandered back over to the Elkhorn Lounge so Matt could inspect the damage in the light of day.  I captured this detail of the bar having its cake and eating it too:  wood paneling on the front AND neon signs.
Apparently, there is a good dose of insulation behind that paneling.
We ate at the Scoop and Steamer.  I was very interested in this substitution option, printed right on the menu.
The interior of the Scoop and Steamer, which is for sale, if you are interested.  Overheard conversation of the morning included discussing the Elkhorn Lounge/truck incident from the night before.


Sara K. said...

It's just so western! There is a part of me (Boise Girl) that absolutely LOVES that and finds it so quaint. Shawn doesn't feel the same. And town gossip in the morning...diner as water cooler! I would never select applesauce over fried potato products...

balyien said...

Either applesauce OR hash browns? Why not BOTH?