Saturday, August 17, 2013

Requiem: Matt's Desk

I bought this desk soon after Matt and I moved in together.  He brought to the relationship a tiny student desk which we both agreed didn't work and was discarded during the move, though one of the drawers lived on as a bookshelf for many years.  I found this desk, along with our first couch, at the Catlin Gable Rummage Sale, which was a fantastic event held each year at the Expo Center.  For (I think) fifty-five dollars I brought home this desk and a couch.  I had to call my brother to see if he could bring the truck to haul them home.  He could, once the game was over, and so this desk entered our lives.
I've always loved it's mid-century styling: the light colored wood, the really cool woven front.  It's also massive, as Matt is proving by sprawling across it.
Its size, however, proved to be its downfall. Just as my beautiful orange metal desk was too large for our new house, so is this desk making way for a smaller footprint.
The desk sat at the side of the road for a week--a very long time in trash picking epochs.  Matt finally snapped a picture and put it on Craigslist and it was gone in hours.   I hope its new owner appreciates it as much as we did.


balyien said...

It is a lovely desk, but I feel that Matt needs to work on his "sexy" posing skills. (No shame in that; I need to work on mine as well.)

I remember helping you guys move into The Orange Door. It seems so long ago now. /sniffle

Sara K. said...

No Craig's list first? I would have thought that you started there. I know, its extra work. But extra cash, too.

Patricia said...

I took pictures of it to put it on Craigslist, but the next day was "back to work" day and they never got posted. We were always going to give it away anyway, just so we didn't have to maneuver around it in the house. Our trash picking is very good on our street--his old bookcase disappeared in an hour or so--but this was so big it needed someone to want it. When someone started doodling on it, after five days, then Matt took the Craigslist picture.

Matt said...

Did I not arch my back enough?

balyien said...

Hmm, bore back arching would help. And remember to emote with your eyes!! It's Tyra's #1 rule. ;)