Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wedding aftermath.

When one doesn't wear a watch and one's cell phone has died, how does one tell what time it is?  One takes a picture of a random thing and then checks the playback information to see what the time stamp is.  This is one of those pictures.
After making us a delicious wedding dinner the couple with the incredible grill/trailer cooked us up a delicious breakfast.
Cindy and Karen the morning after.
Bill and Mary in the head-in-a-hole.
Casey and Cindy posed both ways, so we could decide who was the better bear and who was the better deer.
The wedding jeep, all decorated.
Finally, a picture of the wedding cupcakes!
One final picture on the porch before we left.


balyien said...

Aww, I love that last picture.

Sara K. said...

The last picture is the best. I love an great campin' breakfast! How nice for the crew to turn around and do it again for everyone the next morning.