Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Matt and I stopped outside of Baker City to visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

A view of the landscape.  I find this landscape beautiful, but I get to speed through it at 65 mph.  I avoid the up-close and personal view the early Pioneers got to enjoy, when they took an entire day to travel 20 miles.
The center is perched on the top of a bluff.
There are some great life-sized dioramas of life on the trail.
Studying them, I had the realization that I was looking at some really great taxidermy work.  I wonder who did it, as they weren't credited anywhere.
This was the point where they illustrated how the pioneers jettisoned so many things.  As a child learning about the Oregon Trail, I couldn't imagine just abandoning things along the way.
And we are home!  Our car came with this indicator.  When we picked it up, the average speed was 38 mph.  We managed to push up the average speed to 42 mph.  This made me very happy.


balyien said...

The Oregon desert is so pretty in its own way.

Sara K. said...

I have always loved that interpretive center. I have been there many times. And each time I love it just the same.